2. Donation Requests

Donation Requests

Setagaya Junior Orchestra Specified Donation

Based on the idea of promoting culture and art, giving children the chance to encounter music in their lives, we have established the Setagaya Junior Orchestra in April of 2010
Transmitting quality music, the children are actively pursuing their task of being the “Setagaya Music Ambassadors” which will serve them positively in the future.
In order to support the various activities of the Junior Orchestra, we have set up a specified donation system. We would be deeply grateful for your support and cooperation.

Donation Privileges

① You will receive preferential tax treatment. (Contribution deduction)
② Your name will be printed on the playbill of regular concerts. (Name withheld by request)
③ Concerts and rehearsal schedules will be sent to you by the Music Department. (By request)


In units of 2,000 yen.
If you wish to contribute, please send an email to:

Use of Donations

All contributions will be used for the Setagaya Junior Orchestra activities.
Specifically, for instrument repairs, transport, rehearsal hall rental fees, insurance, etc.

Lastly, a message from the music director, Mr. Shinichiro Ikebe.

In Venezuela, a project was started where children from impoverished families were given a chance to be educated through in an orchestra. This resulted in 290,000 youth joining,
and saving them from drug related corruption. An orchestra cannot be performed by just one person alone. By working with each other and making music, they naturally learn to cooperate with one another and learn the social skills necessary to live in an active society. Together with such experience, it is our sincere hope that the children of Setagaya learn to enjoy music, and with that in mind, we put the highest value in the future of the Junior Orchestra.